International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT)
ICEEFT Affiliated Centres and Communities
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Affiliated Centres                          Affiliated Communities

Atlanta                                             Arizona

Australia                                           Boulder 

Chicago                                           Denver

Colorado                                          Minnesota

Greensboro Charlotte                         New England  

Houston                                           Northern California

Los Angeles                                     Orange County                                                     

New Jersey                                       Oregon  

 New York                                         Sacramento Davis   

Ottawa                                              Salt Lake City

Philadelphia                                      Seattle

San Diego                                        South Africa

San Francisco                                   Tenessee/Kentucky 

Vancouver                                         Toronto    

Vancouver Island                                                                                

Washington Baltimore                        

                                                     Other Affiliated Organizations

                                                       EFT Netherlands

                                                       EFT Network The Netherlands

                                                       EFT Asia

                                                      TRI EFT Alliant